The Lost Pirate Kingdom - Season 1 Episode 6

The real-life pirates of the Caribbean violently plunder, stealing and form a surprisingly egalitarian republic in this documentary series.

Episode: 6/6 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 6.6

Season 1 - The Lost Pirate Kingdom
15 Mar 2021
"The war of Spanish succession ends leaving thousands of Caribbean privateers unemployed, when the wreck of a treasure fleet creates new opportunities."
15 Mar 2021
"Tensions rise between Benjamin Hornigold and Henry Jennings; their rivalry takes a new direction when Hornigold declares Nassau a pirate republic."
15 Mar 2021
"Hornigold's crew deposes him for his refusal to attack English ships; but one man, Edward Thatch, remains loyal. Pirate raids on British slaves provokes outrage."
15 Mar 2021
"English authorities tap Woodes Rogers to put a stop to the pirate attacks. Black Sam Bellamy suffers a cruel fate at the height of his success."
15 Mar 2021
"Rogers' campaign begins with the offer of a pardon, which Hornigold and Jennings accept; but not all Nassau pirates agree."
15 Mar 2021
"Nassau comes under the control of Rogers and the era of the pirate kingdom comes to a bloody end."