I Dream of Jeannie

A United States astronaut finds his life vastly complicated when he stumbles on to a bottle containing a female genie.

Genre: Comedy , Family , Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Actor: Bill Daily , Vinton Hayworth

Director: Sidney Sheldon

Country: USA

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1965

IMDb: 7.5

Season 1 - I Dream of Jeannie
"When the rocket launch for a space mission goes awry, its astronaut, Captain Anthony Nelson, finds himself stranded on a desert island. There, he finds a beautiful antique bottle lying there on the sand. When Tony opens the bottle, he is shocked to find a beautiful, 2,000-year-old genie named Jeannie, who is now calling him her new Master and willing to grant him anything he wishes."
"Jeannie blinks Captain Nelson to ancient Persia, where he avenges Jeannie's honor against Ali, the Killer of Giants. Meanwhile, Jeannie visits her parents and happily announces that she has found the man she wishes to marry, her Master, Captain Anthony Nelson, a man who \"\"makes his living flying through space.\"\""
"Tony is on a survival mission with Roger when Jeannie seems to have followed him. She then proceeds to help him in every way possible by giving him food, shelter, and finally transportation while Roger suffers in the hot, sweltering desert."
"General Stone is leaving the U.S. Air Force to accept an ambassadorship overseas. He offers Tony the opportunity to come along and be his Military Attache. General Stone's daughter, Melissa, who is also Tony's fiancee, urges Tony to accept the prestigious position and move up their wedding date."
"Jeannie joins the WAAF's in hopes of becoming Tony's secretary, but things dont turn out as planned."
"Onboard a yacht for an important meeting, Tony is followed by Jeannie. With witnesses around Tony argues with Jeannie and tells her to go home. When she does dissappear, they think Tony has killed her (since she cant be found) and put him in jail."
"At Cape Kennedy America's three man astronaut team is preparing to take an historical walk into outerspace. The team consists of Captain Tony Nelson, Captain Roger Healey and Lt. Geroge Conway. Captain Nelson as the head of the team will be the first American to step out into space.\n\nHowever, Dr. Bellows is concerned that Tony has been a bit jumpy and he orders him to appear at the base at 2:00 for some tests. Jeannie overhears of Tony's mission. Jeannie worries about his tether breaking and Tony spinning out into space. So she decides to sabotage Tony's tests, while hiding in Tony's jacket."
"Jeannie reads about how to be an American woman in a magazine and takes after it in order to please Tony."
"Jeannie becomes jealous of Tony because he goes out to dinner with a famous movie star. Jeannie then wants to become a moviestar herself to get Tony's attention only she ends up coming to the conclusion that genies dont photograph when she is given a screen test and she is invisible in it."
"One of Jeannie's great grandfathers (Bilejik) is summoned back by Jeannie in hopes of aiding Tony in making fresh water out of salt water."
"An 8-year-old boy, Custer, idolizes Tony. One day when making an unannounced visit, Custer sees Jeannie's magic at work. The little boy blabs almost immediately. Dr. Bellows learns about this and decides to use him to prove that the recent wierd goings-on with Tony have some explanation. Of course, Jeannie uses her magic to cause even more trouble."
"Diane, an old girlfriend of Tony's, comes into town and invites him to pick up where they left off, making Jeannie jealous. Meanwhile, Tony's best friend, Roger Healey, who still doesn't know about Jeannie, \"\"bumps\"\" into her on the street and becomes immediately attracted to her, aggressively pursuing her for a date. Jeannie accepts, causing Tony to become worried and a little bit jealous about her very first mystery date. He decides to drag Diane all over town in search of Jeannie and her unidentified escort."
"Roger Healey is in love and is still searching for his missing Dream Girl, Jeannie, complete with an engagement ring in tow. Meanwhile, he and Tony are ordered by their superiors to escort and entertain two Russian cosmonauts who are visiting the Base, one of them being a good-looking female cosmonaut who has an immediate attraction to Tony. In a jealous huff, Jeannie sneaks along on the men's assignment by hiding herself (in her bottle) inside of Roger's overcoat pocket. The female Russian cosmonaut expresses a real interest in the antique bottle and Roger gives it to her as a gift of friendship. Once Tony realizes what has happened, he makes every effort to get Jeannie back, but not before the Russian cosmonaut discovers that she now possesses a genuine genie in a bottle."
"Jeannie continues to bring up the idea of marriage to Tony, who still refuses to marry her. She asks her mother for advice and together they come up with a plan to make Tony jealous: accept Roger Healey's marriage proposal. To make her background look legitimate, Jeannie blinks a fine house onto a vacant lot across the street from Tony's house, along with a set of phony, rich parents."
"Jeannie blinks up another Tony that by which is more romantic and worships the ground Jeannie walks on."
"When it is discovered that it is the day of the ramda, Jeannie says that Tony and her must make a trip to Mecca and cite the sacred words or else Jeannie will lose her powers forever and go into limbo."
"Roger finally discovers the truth about Jeannie and takes control of the bottle without Tony's permission. He then uses Jeannie for his own greedy purposes."
"Roger has run Jeannie ragged with his whims. But angering Tony (because he exhauses Jeannie) is the least of his concerns. Seems one night he's kept Dr. Bellows' niece out on a hot date until the wee morning hours, making his superior officer really upset."
"Tony has to go on a three-week trip to Rome (which involves an ocean cruise to Europe) for business. Jeannie begs her master to let her come along, but Tony knows she'll only be in the way and orders her to stay home. Jeannie (certain that not only will danger befall Tony, but he'll meet and marry a beautiful woman he meets on the cruise) tries every trick to change Tony's plans. When the captain catches on (rather quickly, mind you), he decides to let her come along ... under the following condition: That she can come in her human form only if she can legally obtain a passport without using her magic. Of course, she can't get the needed passport, but doesn't find this out until she nearly gets another woman in serious trouble."
"When Tony mentions to Jeannie that his childhood dream was to become a surgeon, she blinks him right into the operating room where Roger is to have his appendix removed. Dr. Bellows notices that the \"\"new\"\" doctor (which he suspects is Tony) is somewhat strange, and eventually summons General Peterson to the operating room to bring up charges on Tony for medical inpersonation. However, as always, things do not turn out the way Dr. Bellows thought they would, as Jeannie blinked Tony from the operating room and replaced him with a doctor from ancient Carthage. Dr. Bellows is left to ponder how this happened to him... again."
"Tony, frustrated over Jeannie's constant use of magic to help around the house, makes her swear not to help him out anymore under any circumstances. Jeannie agrees, but it's bad timing. Seconds later, Red Chinese spies visit the Nelson home asking for Tony. They kidnap him at gunpoint, and if Jeannie uses her gifts to rescue Tony, she'll lose him as a master. Tony, meanwhile, is being held at shacks along the shoreline, where the criminals aim to make him reveal classified secrets through torture. A beautiful Chinese woman is also in on the scheme Jeannie manages to spy on the spies, reporting back to Roger (who in turn, reports to Dr. Bellows, who reports to Gen. Peterson). After several back-and-forths, Jeannie finally learns that the spies intend to kill Tony by making him drink poisoned tea. Roger convinces Jeannie to temporarily let him be his master, so she can skirt the rules and rescue Tony in time."
"Following Tony and Roger's promotion to major, the general sends them to Reno, Nevada to relax a few days before going to a base there. Meanwhile, all thats on Roger's mind is gambling in the casinos. Although Tony says Jeannie can't go, Roger's greed gets the better of him and he sneaks Jeannie into his bag in hopes of increasing his odds in the casino."
"Tony goes to drop off a few papers to General Peterson when he gives a try at a few swings of golf. He of course is horrible and cant even hit the ball, but at a second try Jeannie makes him hit it farther than most pro's. The General then realizes Tony's \"\"potential\"\" and makes him his partner in a championship game against 2 guys of the Navy. He refuses Jeannie's help at first, but later on in the match he realizes he cant do it by himself and Jeannie comes to the rescue."
"When Dr. Bellows makes a stop at Tony's house, he sees an elephant in Tony's bedroom. He then calls General Peterson and when they both go over there they see nothing and of course Bellows is made a fool yet again. Realizing this, the ever suspicious Dr. Bellows moves in with Tony in hopes of actually catching him in the act."
"Tony is skeptical about a fortune teller roger has been seeing in the apartment next to his and goes to investigate. Once he thinks he has the fortune teller figured out, he goes to a sayance where 2 people from the neighborhood join in and as a surprise Dr. Bellows as well. Jeannie then shows up and is creating all the effects the phony teller is doing and in the end the fortune teller even begins to believe her own hype. This then leads Tony to believe she is really a phony and the others as well."
"For NASA charity auction, Tony paints a copy of Rembrandt's famous 1658 self portrait. He uses his own signature to denote it was a copy and not the authentic article. Jeannie sees her master's work and decides he's quite a painter. Unbenownst to Tony, however, she blinks the original article (that was hanging in the Louvre in Paris) in place of the faux painting.\n\nTwo art experts buy the painting for $300,000, and that's where the real problems start. Seems they're suspicious about the painting Tony had donated, since the Rembrant self-portrait bears quite a resemblance to the real thing! Of course, Tony is unable to explain what he believes happened, and Dr. Bellows gives him 24 hours to come up with a plausable explanation or face felony theft, forgery and grand larceny charges.\n\nWhile Dr. Bellows invites a world-renowned art expert to inspect the Rembrant painting, Tony demands that Jeannie fix the mess her mischief got him into. Jeannie decides to pose as the elderly art expert, who"
"While on a trip to the museum, Jeannie spots a pair of antique slippers that she believes belonged to her over 2000 years past. She blinks them out of the glass case and on to her feet and Tony is left in trouble."
"When its discovered a princess is coming to Cocoa Beach to visit NASA, Tony is chosen to escort her for 3 days. At the same time, Jeannie sees a picture of her and realizes that she is from a royal family that once cheated her family 3000 years past and Jeannie has taken an oath to kill her. Tony; trying to save the princess from harm; sends Jeannie on a quest (that will ultimately take her 3 days to complete)to get him various things that take even a genie quite a bit of time to accomplish. This plan unfortunately does not work and Jeannie shows up ahead of schedule and meets with the princess. In the end, things work out good because Jeannie and the princess have agreed the feud was childish and thus they dropped the whole thing."
"When Dr. Bellows spots Tony floating in his chair in his living room, he has no choice but to explain it by saying he is an amateur magician and that was one of his tricks. Dr. Bellows then insists that Tony put on a magic show at NASA to prove his claim."
"Tony suffers amnesia from a vase falling on his head, and, seeing Jeannie, instantly falls in love with her. He declares his love and insists they get married. Jeannie, confused but excited, is ready to go through with it, despite Roger's objections. Jeannie prepares for her wedding, only to be diappointed in the end..."
Season 2 - I Dream of Jeannie
"In the first color episode, we learn Tony and Jeannie have been together one year but are no closer to marriage. Jeannie causes Tony's latest space mission to crash-land on the same island of their first meeting. Tony comes upon -- guess what -- another genie bottle, but this time, it doesn't have a beautiful woman inside. Uh-uh, it has the evil Blue Djinn, the same monster who imprisioned Jeannie in her bottle 2,000 years earlier. Tony and Jeannie try several methods to defeat the Blue Djinn. At one point, Tony turns on the television and uses images of violence (from TV newscasts) to frighten Djinn into defeat, but that plan falters when unexpected visitor Roger blabs. After Tony and Jeannie finally defeat Djinn (by luring him into a vacuum cleaner and throwing it to the bottom of the ocean), the two enjoy a peaceful anniversary dinner ... on the same island where they met one year earlier."
"Jeannie thinks that Tony has been working too hard and decides to give him (and the world) a break by making every day sunday."
"One morning while Tony is shaving there comes a knock at his door,and Jeannie hearing it answers dressed in ordinary clothes.A man enters identifying himself,as Harry Huggins.He's there to see Tony,of course,and Jeannie tell's him that she is Major Nelsons Housekeeping(he thought that she was his wife,but she is hopeful).Looking at Tony's furnitures he critices it as no taste,but Jeannie shows him some valuable items by blinking in Ming Vase,A Michaelangelo Statue,A Safe full of Money etc.She even blinks in various servants.By the time Tony comes out from the Bedroom,Jeannie has managed to convince Mr Huggins that Tony has indeed taste.However,Mr Huggins introduces himself as from The Internal Revenue service.Now Tony has some explaining to do"
"When Jeannie and Tony decide to go on a picnic, it starts to heavily rain ruining their plan. Jeannie then blinks and makes it sunny again. Tony is then amazed that Jeannie can control the weather so he inadvertedly wishes it could snow. When Jeannie makes it snow Dr. Bellows arrives rousing his suspicion and now quite a few people on the base think Tony can control the weather."
"Tony had just recently failed an eye test that determines whether he goes up into orbit or not and when he goes to take it again the next day, Jeannie finds out about this and tries to help him by giving him better perfect eyes. Things go afoul though when she cant master this spell thereby giving Tony x-ray vision at first and then causing him to see very blurrily."
"Roger sets Tony with a girl which Jeannie is not pleased to hear. She blinks Roger into a poodle so that he could not tell Tony about the date which was scheduled to be that night. Roger gets captured and taken to a dog pound. Tony finds out what Jeannie had done, goes to the dog pound, and buys a Great Dane thinking that its Roger. He goes back to the dog pound when he found out that he had gotten the wrong dog and sees Roger who has already been purchased by a little boy. Tony pays the boy's father $400 for Roger and Jeannie turns him back to a human. In the end, Tony and Roger go on their dates but not before Jeannie turns the two girls into dogs."
"Jeannie blinks Tony back in the past as marshal of Gopher Gulch, a town plagued by rustlers, when he wishes that he had lived in the Old West."
"A well-meaning Jeannie has tried her best to please Tony, but her magic continues to cause problems. Tony comes to wit's end at how to deal with her. Roger suggests that Tony have Jeannie study \"\"Tales of Arabian Nights,\"\" claiming it will teach her how to properly use her gifts. Without any hesitation and despite Jeannie's objections, Tony tells her to study the book. And just why does Jeannie object? Because \"\"Tales of Arabian Nights\"\" is a book on how to torture mean masters through foul means (e.g., Tony's mattress is turned into a bed of spikes; Tony's wrists are tied high above a croccodile pit). Eventually, Tony catches on and together with Jeannie, plot some revenge against Roger ... by sending him briefly to Siberia!"
"Jeannie catches Tony as he is about to meet old friend \"\"Charlie Suzy\"\". Jeannie suspecting that he might be going to see another woman locks him up all night in a cage. The next morning someone calling himself \"\"Charlie Suzy\"\" calls and an embarrassed Jeannie begs Tony for forgiveness. He goes out later that night to meet an old girlfriend named Joan, who happens to be married to a mobster, who just happens to have escaped prison and is now after his wife Joan to kill her."
"Because she is unhappy that she doesn't know her own birthday, Jeannie starts to fade away. Tony promises her that he would find out and with Roger, uses the computer at NASA called Eric. It is Roger who is actually the first to know when Jeannie was born and before he has a chance to tell Tony the date, Dr. Bellows sends him to Alaska."
"In continuation of the first part, Tony still attempts to get Jeannie's birth date from Roger stationed in Alaska before Jeannie disappears forever."
"Tony takes caddish counter measures when Jeannie conjures up a millionaire suitor to spite her inattentive master. Jeannie feels that Tony is not paying enough attention to her because he is too preoccupied with football. She blinks an imaginary man named Tony Millionaire to make Tony jealous. Jeannie's plan works and Tony is even more displeased when Jeannie and her new man announce that they are engaged. In the end, however, Tony finds out the truth and Jeannie does not walk the aisle."
"General Peterson hears about Tony's great voice and enters him in a talent show. The voice is actually Enrico Caruso's given to him by Jeannie. Tony had made her take it back, but he has to go through the talent show without his Caruso voice because he had made Jeannie promise not to give it to him. While he tries to sing, Roger saves Tony by reminding Jeannie that she can give Tony any other voice except Caruso's."
"Feeling sorry for Roger because no woman will go on a date with him,Jeannie arranges for every woman to fall instantly in love with him,at first sight,including his secretary,who happens to be a mobsters girlfriend,and Mrs.Bellows."
"Tony draws the authority's attention when Jeannie puts three milliion dollars into his bank account because he is a low-paid astronaut."
"Jeannie wishes to write a book about child care. After getting Tony's permission, she writes one, sends it to a publisher, and the book becomes a best seller. However, Jeannie had put Tony's name as the author which was a big mistake because Tony could be kicked out of NASA for not getting permission to write a book. Dr. Bellows puts Tony through a test by making him babysit his prank-loving nephew. While babysitting, General Peterson drops by and asks him to babysit his quiet niece. Tony passes his test (without the help of Jeannie) when the General and Dr. Bellows find the nephew acting like a gentleman and the niece talking."
"Roger convinces Tony to let Jeannie grant him a wish. Roger accidentally wishes that he hadn't dropped coffee on Tony when he accidentally does. The result is a fabric that cannot be burned, stained, or cut. Dr. Bellows witnesses the impossible destruction of the fabric and attempts to find out how Tony had concocted this great invention."
"Jeannie blinks herself,and Tony to Paris for breakfast.Tony had informed her that he is suppose to be in General Peterson's office now.So,Jeannie blinks a duplicate Tony into General Peterson's Office.While Tony,and Jeannie are enjoying a delious breakfast of cheese souffley,a French General,and his assistant recognize Tony,and wonder why they were not informed of his coming to Paris.The General calls his good friend,Dr.Bellows to inquire why.Dr.Bellows tells the General that Major. Nelson is not in Paris,because he at that moment looking right at him.The General says the same thing.Suspicious,Dr.Bellows ask the General to take a picture of the Man he sees,and telephoto a copy to him.Why,he ask?Because obviously one of us is looking at an imposter.The General takes the picture of Tony.Jeannie notices the stern-faced man taking pictures,and becomes uncomfortable.She blinks herself,and Tony back home.Sometime later Dr.Bellows receives the photo,and not sure if it's Major.Nelson,or his do"
"Jeannie drives off in Tony's car without permission. Going up a one-way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Patrolman Anderson (Alan Hewitt)."
"While Dr. Bellows and his wife, Amanda, make an unanounced visit at Tony's home, Amanda spots Jeannie's bottle and is taken by its pure beauty. She insists that she must have the bottle ... or at least a reasonable facsimilie. Jeannie, fearing her secret will be exposed as others handle the bottle, punishes Tony by making him sleep in a desk drawer while she sleeps in Tony's bed! Later, when the bottle is at the glass factory being copied, Jeannie hides inside her bottle. Dr. Bellows takes home the wrong bottle, and once Tony and Roger discover the mix-up, they go on a frantic search to retrieve Jeannie and the bottle at the Bellows' house. Even going so far as to break into the house while the owners are out for the evening. But the real problems begin when Dr. Bellows and Amanda come home early, while Tony and Roger are searching for the bottle. Roger is unable to offer an explanation, until he sees Tony \"\"asleep\"\" in an wingchair. Seems that Tony has recently acquired a \"\"sleepwalking"
"Tony is offered a job in the private sector, meaning that he would have to give up his dream of going to the moon. Roger becomes upset knowing that he will be losing his best friend and that he will be giving up on his dream. Jeannie and Roger both wonder what his life would be like if he were to get the job, so Jeannie conjures up a machine that will look into the future and look at his worst day on the job. What she sees is Tony in a laid back office practicing his putting with a couple of gorgeous secretaries. A furious Jeannie then plots with Roger to get Tony to change his mind by showing him a different version of his future showing him working in the basement of a rundown office building. However, this has the opposite effect as Tony decides to take the job. Jeannie and Roger then decide to try and get the other man who was offered the position to change his mind. Jeannie finds out that his wife didn't want to move because she was very attached to her house. Jeannie then"
"Tony begins to regret picking up Jeannie's bottle on the beach when he can't even make a simple date without her interfering. When he finds out that it's Haji's birthday, which means he can send her away forever, he decides that he's going to do it."
"Tony wants a famous star to be at a NASA event. He asks Sammy Davis Jr. but he already has other plans. Jeannie decides to step in and blinks herself into Sammy Davis Jr.'s hotel room. The star is stunned to see a harem girl in his room and when Jeannie blinks away, he is even more confused thinking that he has been working too hard and needs a vacation. Everything works out in the end when Sammy Davis Jr. performs at two places at once with Jeannie's magic."
"Jeannie has a nightmare that Tony will be attacked by a cat (!), which doesn't sound too frightening except that, as a genie, all of her dreams are supposed to come true. So when Tony is accidentally shrunk down to the size of a mouse (by Jeannie's own magic, but for a completely different reason)- and a house cat inadvertently sneaks into the house- one can see the game of cat-and-mouse about to begin."
"when tony accidentally wishes he could meet a famous pirate jeannie sends him back in time to the ship and to make matters worse a woman being held captive on the ship is an ancestor of tony so he must save her or cease to exist"
"Jeannie becomes General Peterson's secretary in hopes of convincing him to help get Tony promoted. However, complications arise when Jeannie is suspected of being a spy due to her not passing a security check."
"Jeannie is so determined to marry Tony,that she decides to use an ancient love spell,which consist of obtaining three personal items from the love; a lock of hair,a piece of fingernail,and a piece of clothing.She then recites the incantation,filling in her name,and the name of the love.Haji,the Master of all of the Genies finds out,and is very displeased.He warns Jeannie to remove the spell,but she refuses,and as a result her powers goes haywire.Tony trips,and falls;he breaks his wrist,and ankle,and developes acute appendicitice.When Jeannie realises that it is because of the spell that she put Tony under that she is losing her power.To cure Tony of his injuries,she must reverse the spell.She does,and though Tony is healed Jeannie still tries to marry him with preacher,but Tony will have none of it now that he is no longer under any spell."
"Tony wishes to be able to talk to Napoleon for just an hour, so Jeannie sends them back in time. But Napoleon thinks that Tony is a spy and he plans to kill him. Tony has to figure out how to convince them that he isn't a spy."
"Having found out that once a Jeannie is married she will lose all of her powers,Tony proposes marriage to Jeannie,and she willingly accepts.Tony informs Roger,but he has reservations about the marriage.He tells Jeannie about his feelings,that the marriage would be a disaster,however Jeannie thinks her marriage to Tony will be a happy one.To find out for sure,Jeannie contacts Haji,the master of all the Genies.He appears,and is introduced to Roger.Jeannie wants Haji to shows her,and Roger(in his crystal ball)want the future of her married life with her Master will be.Though he is not happy with Jeannie wanting to marry Tony,he reluctantly shows her.In the few years of her marriage to Tony the is an exemprary one.Even without her powers,Jeannie is a model wife,Cooking,Sewing,making her own clothes,and even planning on building another room to the house.Tony himself is promoted to a Colonel.After the fantasy sequence ends,Roger admits that he was wrong,and that this would the greatest thin"
"Jeannie makes a cake for Tony and his dinner guests that makes them act like children again."
"Jeannie and Tony get invited to Roger's \"\"Mod\"\" Party only to discover that Tony and Roger have a special NASA meeting that night instead. Roger and Tony then fool Dr. Bellows and give him a phony excuse so that they can go ahead as planned and have the party. Things dont turn out as planned though when Dr. Bellows and his wife make a surprise appearance at Roger's residence."
Season 3 - I Dream of Jeannie
"NASA starts training a chimpanzee to travel to the moon. When Jeannie hears about this, she decides to take matters into her own hands by turning the chimpanzee into a human. Everthing goes well until the higher authority starts wondering where the chimp has gone."
"Jeannie's sister arrives in town after not seeing her for 2,000 years. After viewing a picture of Tony, she then traps Jeannie in her bottle and starts plotting to steal Tony away from her."
"Tony,and Jeannie are in Hawaii.Tony worries about Jeannie attracting attention,but Jeannie promises that she will not(that she will sit in the corner like a quiet little mouse)but,when reporters show up at the beach to interview Tony,they take notice at Jeannie's Jewel that she's wearing around her neck.They proceed to take pictures,and the pictures go on the front pages of the Hawaiian Newspaper.It attracts the attention of a man who claims to be Mr.Vanderhaven,a weathy resident who lives on his yauht.He introduces himself to Jeannie,and Tony,and invites them to have tea on his yauht;but is he who he says he is?And,what is his motive for the invitation.He takes an interest in Jeannie's Scarap.It was a gift given to her from King Tut."
"In order to prove that she can live without her powers, Jeannie transfers them to someone else for twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, the person she transfers them to is Tony."
"Tony and Roger meet up with an a navy commander who thinks that all astronauts are soft and runs the two of them ragged as a way of toughening them up. Jeannie sees this and decides to bring out a softer side of Kiski as a way of helping her master."
"Tony is forced to cancel his first vacation in years in order to help Mrs. Bellows find a group to play at a charity bizarre. Jeannie then decides to help by putting together a band herself. Unfortunately, they can't play a note, until Jeannie blinks them some musical ability."
"Major Nelson and Major Healy are assigned to be in a film about a day in the life of the average astronaut. Jeannie gets a job as a script girl. Roger overhears a conversation and thinks he's bound for Hollywood. Chaos ensues. Will he choose a star's life over the space program?"
"While visiting Tony at the base, Jeannie is accidentally hit on the head and loses her memory. She is then taken to the hospital and when they try to x-ray her skull, it turns up blank. It is up to Tony and Roger to rescue her from the hospital before her secret is accidentally let out."
"Tony's Mother drops by for a visit,or to stay permently.She would like to see Tony married.Jeannie has to stay hidden until Tony can convince his Mother that he is well cared for.Jeannie cannot wait,and proceed's on finding a way to get rid of Mother.Will she suceed?"
"Jeannie is jealous when movie star Bootsie Nightingale wants to date Tony for publicity purposes."
"Jeannie's sister arrives and offers to help teach her how to get Tony to marry her. She does this by using Roger as a guinea pig and he eventually proposes to her. However, it is all an elaborate scheme by her sister to get her hands on the real target, Tony."
"When Tony needs to write a report for Dr Bellows, he tells Jeannie not to help him and sends her to the park, where she accidentally helps some strangers rob a bank in Tony's car."
"Jeannie has been assigned to become the training instructor of a new genie. Unfortunately, he is slow to learn and inept in being able to control his powers. Further disaster is about to rain down on the Nelson household when he is notified that the President of the United States is planning to visit Tony at his home."
"Tony and Roger Healey are sent to Hawaii on Air Force business, but to discourage Jeannie from coming along, they tell her that they are being sent to the North Pole. During their stay, Tony meets an Admiral's daughter, Eleanor, and they begin seeing each other. When Jeannie finds out, Tony tries to stifle her temper by lying his way out of it, saying that he and Roger are on a Top Secret Mission and one of his assignments is to protect Eleanor."
"Jeannie blinks the revered ancient Hawaiian, King Kamehameha, back to life and takes him on a tour of what the Hawaiian Islands now look like in 1967 (when the episode was actually filmed). He becomes disillusioned when he believes that the Hawaiian people have forgotten all about him and makes plans to re-capture the Islands in his name again."
"Tony accidentally locks Jeannie in a moon safe and tries desperately to get her out before it is sent to the moon."
"After hiring two Safecrackers(Charlie,and the Professor)Tony,and Roger find that they had been double-crossed.They were robbed.Tony's concern is,if the Professor,and Charlie try to open that safe without the right combination the safe will explode.Will Tony,and Roger find the safe with Jeannie inside on time?"
"Jeannie's sister drop's by for a visit,and having not found Jeannie anywhere,enters Tony's bedroom alone,and unprotected.Roger arrive's,and overhearing him say that Jeannie is locked inside the safe,she decide's to snag Tony for herself.She arranges for Tony,and another Airforce officer to switch travel order's so that Tony will go to the Middle East,and the other officer to go take Tony's place.Tony tell's Jeannie that he'll be going away for afew day's,and that she should not worry,because Roger will take of her.Jeannie's Sister seeing an opportunity,disguisis her voice like Jeannie's,and tell's Tony that while he is in Baghdad,he should contact Hadji,the master of all the Jeannie's;he can free her.Having heard that Tony leave's for the Middle East,but he get's to the Place he believe's is the tent of Hadji,he realises it is Jeannie's sister's master's palace.She imprison's Tony in a bird's cage.While back at Nasa Roger having been informed of Tony's arrival in Bagdad,he tell's Jeann"
"In this,the conclusion of the four parts there is an urgency to getting the safe opened.First,Jeannie informs Tony that when a Genies been locked up for a whole Month,she no longer belong's to her Master.She will be the slave of whomever open's the safe.It's like being trapped in her bottle.So,Tony has to make sure that he be the one to open the safe.Second,there is a timing mechanism on the safe;it has to be opened within 72 hours.Dr Bellow's has sent a Dr.Whitimeyer,a dem. expert.Tony has to make sure he's the the one to defuse the explosive mechinism,and open the safe to become Jeannie's Master,again.Will he succeed with both?"
"ony, Jeannie and Roger go to England to check out a mansion that Tony inherited. When they get there they find out the mansion is haunted."
"Tony, Jeannie and Roger go to England to check out a mansion that Tony inherited. When they get there they find out the mansion is haunted."
"ony states his admiration for Mrs. Bellows and Jeannie takes it the wrong way.Jeannie asks Haji to take her powers away. He agrees to do so for one week. While Jeannie tries to cope with housework the old-fashioned way, Tony is wishing for Jeannie's powers back. Amanda Bellows pays Jeannie a visit and decides Jeannie needs a divorce."
"Tony makes a bet with Roger that Jeannie would never fall for another man. This leads to Tony disguising himself as a British officer. However, things get sticky when Jeannie falls for the \"British\" officer and Tony becomes jealous."
"Jeannie's sister arrives to give her a birthday present. She gives her two bottles of lotion, a white one to make her love her master more and a blue one to make her hate her enemies more. However, big sis changes the bottles and now the white one has the hate lotion and the blue one has the love lotion. After sprinkling the hate lotion on Tony, she becomes compelled to start torturing him by shrinking him and putting him in the oven. A few minutes later Roger arrives and accidentally puts the love lotion on causing Jeannie to fall for him. After some more torturing by Jeannie, her sister then arrives to claim Tony, but not until after she reveals her scheme to Tony. However, as Tony grabs the bottles, she switches them again. He then runs to Roger's apartment, which is now filled with expensive furniture and sexy female servants. When Jeannie sees Tony she puts him on a table reminiscent of the Pit and the Pendulum. Roger then mistakenly puts the hate lotion on and joins Tony"
"Dr. Bellows is in charge of training the first man and woman to be sent to the moon. Jeannie is worried about the idea of Tony being alone on the moon with an attractive woman, until Evil Sister Jeannie appears and promises to take care of everything."
"Its Roger's birthday and Jeannie and Tony throw a small party for him. Instead of a normal gift Jeannie decides to give Roger something he has always wanted, his very own wish. As Roger is leaving the house, Tony mentions the fact that the next day he is going on an important space flight and Roger then blurts out that he wishes that he was going on that flight and at that instant, Roger and Tony switch bodies. When Tony realizes what has happened, he and Jeannie go searching for Roger not only before he goes on the mission, but to keep Dr. Bellows from finding out what happened."
Season 4 - I Dream of Jeannie
"While Tony and Roger testing a top secret flying saucer like craft for NASA, Jeannie pops on board and her extra weight causes them to go off course. The two land in the middle of hillbilly country and are mistaken for Martians by a family who plans on turning them in for a reward."
"Jeannie gives Tony a mysterious candy from her mother called \"\"Pipchicks\"\". When it is discovered that the Pipchicks make Tony stronger, Tony tries to keep them a secret, but soon enough Dr. Bellows eats one and finds out their potential and insists that Tony make another batch for other astronauts. When Jeannie's mother gives Tony the receipe though, those pipchicks dont allow for strength but they allow the person to act out their inner fantasies and so the General, Dr. Bellows, and anyone else who has tried them go crazy and this causes havoc on the base."
"Its the 16th and no newspaper has arrived at the Nelson home. Seeing Jeannie upset Roger suggest that she blinks in a newspaper. She does, but being informed of the wrong date by Roger, gets the next day's paper."
"Jeannie does her brother a favor by babysitting his son, her nephew Abdullah. However, the baby can't stop crying and the only one who can calm him down is Tony."
"After Jeannie crashes Tony's car, it's brought to a used car dealer to be repaired. The dealer (played by Carl Ballantine) tries to cheat Jeannie by buying the damaged car from her, then making her buy it back at several times the price."
"A strange dog shows up on Tony's doorstep and immediately turns invisible starts attacking Tony. Jeannie arrives and saves the day and informs Tony that it her dog Djinn Djinn, who she hasn't seen in 2000 years."
"Jeannie's magic makes Tony not only the strongest man (depicted by his easily lifting tables and other furniture), but gets him into trouble at the gym. Tony must compete in a boxing match against a burly Marine, who's the Armed Forces boxing champion. While training, he and Roger discover a series of punches that could fell the champion boxer. But Jeannie inadvertently gets locked in a locker, and can't blink herself out to help Tony, whose strength has returned to normal ... just in time for his boxing match. Of course, Tony's offense is ineffective, and the champion boxer pummels Tony. Finally, after Jeannie is released from the locker (by an unknowing subject using the gym), she manages to use her magic to save Tony from being knocked out (he fells his opponent with one punch!). Alas, both men are down for the count -- the champion from the punch and Tony from his brutal beating, and the match is declared a no-contest."
"To prepare for an upcoming mission, Dr. Bellows tests the compatibility of Tony and Roger for one week. If they get along, great; but if not, they'll be reassigned to different bases. Things don't go that well at first, but things go from bad to worse when Jeannie tries to help."
"It's been three years since Tony and Jeannie met, and boy has their relationship blossomed. He plans to celebrate their anniversary with a night on the town ... until Dr. Bellows calls, telling him to come to the office. It turns out Tony has been asked to hand-deliver a classified film to Washington, where high-ranking military officials are to view the film documenting NASA's latest projects. Tony (who has been ordered to be tight-lipped about the mission) tries to back out but can't; when he tells Jeannie about the change in plans and that he can't disclose what he's doing, Jeannie is certain she's being let down again and that Tony aims to meet another woman. Scheming to follow along, she blinks herself on the airplane (where Tony is seated next to a young woman) and, disguised as a stewardess, she causes trouble. Dr. Bellows (who is accompanying Tony on the trip as a \"\"stranger\"\") is clueless as to what's going on. Tony eventually has no choice but to take Jeannie aside and explain"
"Jeannie's sister provides Jeannie lessons in the art of catching a husband. Her quarry: Roger!"
"Dr.Bellows has gathered what he believe's is a complete Dossier on Tony.He intends to present it to General Peterson.Tony knows that if General Peterson reads that Dossier,he Tony will be finished in the Space Program.So,he has Jeannie blink up a gust of wind to scatter Dr.Bellows papers so that they'd be lost.This would have worked except,shrewed Dr.Bellows had made copies earlier that he had already sent to General Peterson;which he is now reading in his office."
"Tony picks up a teen age hitchhiker named Suzy who happens to be the daughter of his new neighbor, General Schaeffer. Schaeffer is a stickler for efficiency and hates all hippies, including Suzy's boyfriend Harold, a very spaced out one. Suzy, afraid of having her father see her in her hippy garb, hides out in Tony's house and winds up seeing Jeannie pop in. Suzy then blackmales Tony into hiding out Harold or else she will spill the beans about Jeannie."
"Tony is working on the plans for the Apollo space craft. However, Dr. Bellows informs him that because of a security leak he must be taken to a secure area until he is finished with his work. After Tony leaves, a double of his appears and is instructed by Dr. Bellows to go to Tony's house and act like him until he returns from his assignment. Unfortunately, like Dr. Bellows, the impostor knows nothing about Jeannie and soon he thinks he is losing his mind as Jeannie starts using her powers. Jeannie thinks that Tony is acting strangely and eventually the impostor proposes to her. The impostor then goes to Dr. Bellows and informs him of what's going on. Bellows decides that this is the perfect opportunity to finally find out what's really going on. In the meantime, Roger, who tries to keep the double from informing Doctor Bellows about Jeannie, accidentally finds out about the switch and now must find a way to not only to keep Jeannie's secret, but to keep the wedding from happeni"
"Roger manages to arrive in time not only to stop the wedding, but he manages to convince Jeannie that the Tony she was about to manage was an impostor. Later, Tony comes home and is subjected to torture from Jeannie, who thinks that he is the impostor. Tony eventually convinces her that he is the real one and as he is about to go tell the impostor that the assignment is over when he finds out that the phony Tony is working as a double agent for a foreign power. Doctor Bellows and Roger then arrive and have a hard time trying to decide which one is the real Tony, until Jeannie causes the impostor's false teeth to fall out."
"When Jeannie becomes the 1,000,000th customer at the local supermarket, she wins several prizes including the right to become queen of the Cocoa Beach rodeo. Now Tony must enter the rodeo to keep an amorous cowboy from winning and staking his claim on Jeannie."
"After Roger tells Jeannie the reason why Tony cant spend enough time with her, it becomes evident that they have too big a house and Jeannie wants to move into an apartment. She then sells the house to an important military personnel and when Tony finds out, he requests that she doesnt sell the house so she then makes the house invisible so that it cant be bought or even appear to exist."
"Jeannie tries to convince Tony to run for governor, not only because she feels that this will finally convince him to marry her, but because she has an honest face. Roger then decides to become Tony's campaign manager as well and he and Jeannie do everything he can to get elected. Just one problem though, Tony is still on active duty and can't run for governor or else he will be kicked out of the astronaut program."
"Tony's sudden sleeping sickness causes Jeannie to consult her mother for advice, not realizing that it was Jeannie's mother who caused it. Jeannie pleads with her mother to come back with her to Cocoa Beach so that she can cure Tony. After doing this, Mama lays her eyes on Dr. Bellows and it is love at first sight. She now starts making plans to make him her own Master."
"Jeannie is invited to appear on the hip, 1960s comedy\/variety TV show \"\"Laugh-In,\"\" but it's really her off-camera antics that are responsible for making her an instant celebrity."
"Jeannie; reading a genie's magazine; has found a new spell that turns ordinary objects into porcelain. this causes Dr. Bellows and his wife to think Tony is a real artist and Tony then asks jeannie to blink up amateur works of art in his garage. Things go wrong when Djinn Djinn the dog shows up and Jeannie accidentally turns him into porcelain and now she has to find a counter spell or risk losing her dog."
"Tony,and Roger are driving through a small town when they accidently bump into the car in front of them.They barely touch the car when the husband,seeing an opportunity in cash in on a city fellow falls out of the faking in pain.His wife plays along,and Tony is arrested,(not for hitting the man)but sensing that a scam is about to take place tries to leave.He tells Roger to call Dr.Bellows,to explain the situation,and perhaps with some clout he could help.But Tony does not want Roger to contact Jeannie(for fear that she would help...get him worse trouble).Roger contacts Dr.Bellows,and had explained the attemped insurance fraud.Dr.Bellows promises he'll be there.Jeannie eventuaaly does find out,and springs Tony,along with a jailhouse wino.Tony orders her to put he,and the wino back.He intends to fight to prove his innocence in court.Will Jeannie do as her Master says,and let fight this injust on his own?Or will Tony who stands a chance to lose(especilly when the accusers,the lawyer,and t"
"Jeannie's Sister returns once again to make trouble for both Tony,and her sister,when finding out that if Tony's weight is notup to the average Astranauts requirements,then he will be washed out of the Space Program.So she set's out to first convince General Schaffer,and Dr Bellows that Tony is unstable mentally,and emotionally.And,then to have his physical changed to enormous to assure that he gets thrown out;to have the entire incident blamed on Jeannie."
"Tony goes on a space flight. Unfortunately, he catches a cold and Jeannie blinks him down to take care of him. However, she blinks down the wrong astronaut in Commander Les Wingate as well as Tony. Now Jeannie must try to blink both astronauts up to their capsule before Amanda Bellows catches them back on the ground."
"Locking Jeannie in her bottle, her wicked lookalike sister Jeannie II trails Tony to the Cocoa Beach Cabana. In her efforts to win Tony's affections, Jeannie II also replaces the nightclub's regular singer and renders a seductive ballad (\"Electric Days, Electric Nights\"). Alas, from this point forward everything goes wrong, with Tony being publicly embarrassed and Dr. Bellows virtually being hand-delivered enough evidence to wash Tony out of the space program!"
"Jeannie turns a top secret project into a scale model, and this model ends up getting into the hands of an amateur toy inventor."
"Reporter Charlie Farnum tries to get a hot scoop on the life of Major Tony Nelson. He goes as far as to rig up a camera and a tape recorder in Tony's house. However, Tony and Jeannie find out about Farnum's scheme and thwart it. Farnum then resorts to blackmail when he convinces his wife and kids to lie about Tony's past and claim that they are the wife and kids he abandoned years ago."
Season 5 - I Dream of Jeannie
"Jeannie shows up at the officer's club to ask Tony what he would like for dinner. A nervous Tony then sits down at a little red piano and pretends to play. Jeannie then puts a spell on it to make it seem that Tony is a virtuoso. General Schaeffer is so impressed that he sends Tony on tour and soon he is playing Carnegie Hall. However, the little red piano is replaced by a nice grand piano and to make matters worse Jeannie gets locked in a file cabinet on the night of Tony's debut."
"Djinn Djinn returns and immediately gets Tony in a sticky situation when General Schaffer invites Tony to bring the uniform hating dog to the park to help put Schaeffer's dog Jupiter through his paces. Upon seeing Jupiter, Djinn Djinn turns invisible and creates havoc and eventually get himself and Jupiter put into the pound. However, the fun really begins when Djinn Djinn leads a doggie breakout."
"While trying to decide what to get Tony for his fifth anniversary as Master, Jeannie's Uncle Ruler of a small middle-eastern country arrive's. Having abdacated the throne, he intends make Jeannie, the Queen, his successor. This gives Jeannie the answer as to what to give her Master for their anniversary present: a country. However, Jeannie's Uncle Suleiman wants to meet Tony, to see if he is worthy to become King. Meanwhile at NASA, Tony is having a meeting in General Schaefers office, with Dr. Bellows present. Tony is escort to a visiting Ambassador from a country in the Middle-East known as Kasha who's country has some very important mineral that the space program desperately needs."
"Tony can hardly believe that Jeannie has left him. Roger on the other hand, tries to get Tony to look on the bright side; with Jeannie now out of his life he's a free man now. Thinking for a few second's Tony seem's to except this. However,from his expression, and the fact that he is looking around the house, he wishes she was still there. Dr. Bellows come's over to inform Tony that he has been dropped from the space program. Because of the misunderstanding, with the ambassador, Tony, as well as Roger (after all two heads are better than one) are assigned to another space station in Alaska. They are not to happy with the arrangements, but Tonys going to try making the best of things. While at about the same time in Basenji, Jeannie's Uncle Saleiman, is making arrangement's for possible suitor's for Jeannie."
"Jeannie gives Amanda Bellows some face cream. Mrs.Bellows applies it to her face, and is transformed into a beautiful younger woman. She is unaware of her transformation. But, Roger notices her, and like the gigalo Astronant that he is, tries to make a date with her. Mrs.Bellows is flattered, but Roger is serious. As usual the problem's are resolved by both Tony, and Jeannie at the end, leaving both Mrs. and Dr. Bellows confused."
"Against Tony's wishes, Roger and Dr. Bellows scheme to throw the future groom a bachelor party. The party must be kept secret from Amada Bellows and the other NASA wives."
"When it's discovered that Jeannie has green corpuscles instead of red ones (or so she thinks), Tony tells her to find a substitute for the blood test to get their certificate of perfect health in order to go ahead with their marriage."
"Jeannie blinks Tony off of a plane in order to plan for a party, but when she puts him back in it he mistakenly lands in Havana, Cuba instead of Puerto Rico thanks to Jeannie's guidance of the plane."
"The Bellows' give Tony and Jeannie an early wedding present; a grotesque looking piece of artwork. That's not all, they and others chip in to hire a redecorator to redecorate their home. As it turns out, the redecorator has no taste and Jeannie ends up redecorating their home in the blink of an eye."
"It is figured out that in order for Jeannie to be married, one of her uncles must approve of the husband to be. Two uncles end up showing; Vasmir and Azmir; and causing a whole heap of trouble for Tony."
"Jeannie and her master's wedding day arrives and NASA wants photos of the wedding. -- only genies don't photograph!"
"Jeannie's sister returns for a final time to foul things up again. This time, she poses as her sister and makes the others think she is having an affair with another astronaut named Biff Jellico (Played by Eden's real life husband Michael Ansara) all the while Tony and Jeannie are oblivious to it."
"Jeannie; feeling sorry for Roger; decides to help him out by going to a computer dating agency and setting him up with a girl while Tony is trying to set Roger up with the General's niece."
"As Dr. Bellows informs Roger and Tony of their latest assignment - to entertain Gregorian, a Russian cosmonaut - Tony gets a call from Jeannie to bail her out of jail. She was arrested in connection with the theft of $2,000 in merchandise from stores. Jeannie rationalizes her actions by saying she was trying to \"charge\" the items. After noting the store managers agreed to drop the charges in lieu of their paying for everything, Tony explains the meaning of credit and proceeds to put his new wife on a budget. Uh-oh, that's when major problems begin. First, when Tony brings Gregorian home for dinner, Jeannie serves a \"budget meal\" half a TV dinner and stale bread to each of the two. Later, Jeannie announces a hippie couple will be boarders. Gregorian - who was equally as impressed at the finely decorated Nelson home - is aghast, as an embarassed Tony tries to explain."
"At a casual dinner at the Bellows' Household, Jeannie mistakenly gives them wine that makes them invisible."
"Jeannie, Tony, Roger and the Bellows' go on vacation only to find there are no rooms available in the hotel they wish to stay in. Jeannie then proceeds to blink on a 13th floor."
"3 astronauts who have come back from the moon (one of them being Tony) have to stay in a decontamination chamber for 21 days. Jeannie blinks herself into the chamber to hug Tony goodbye only to find out that she cannot leave risking contamination of the outside world. She then blinks on a gold astronaut suit and shrinks herself to be one of the other astronaut's trophys in order to conceal herself."
"Roger spreads the word to everyone that Jeannie is expecting but all the while its a misunderstanding and the only one that is expecting is Mrs. Djinn Djinn (the dog)."
"The Bellows' troublesome nephew stays at the Nelson house for a couple days and figures out the truth about Jeannie when he sees her smoke into her bottle."
"Jeannie has just recently joined a club at NASA and voted recording secretary. She then learns that there is an award competition coming up for the best husband and that the prize is a trip for two to Hawaii. She wants Tony to win so badly that she blinks him off his training and returns him at home in his sleepy state."
"Tony causes general Schaeffer to lose an important pool match and breaking his hand later on so it seems he can't play in a rematch. Tony then must play for him with the aid of Jeannie."
"An old high school sweethart of Tony's sends him a letter saying she will visit him in the upcoming day. Jeannie becomes jealous and poses as her to fool Tony."
"On Jeannie and Tony's 6 month wedding anniversary, Jeannie wants desperately to please Tony by knitting him a cashmir sweater while Tony wants to get her a string of pearls. None of which ends up being accomplished."
"A hurricane traps Tony, Jeannie, Roger and Dr. Bellows overnight in the Nelson's house. Tony dreams Dr. Bellows figures out the real truth about Jeannie and her powers."
"There is a card shark working NASA over."
"In this final episode of I Dream of Jeannie, Tony's cousin comes to visit and convinces Jeannie to put Tony's face on cans of chili and market them so they can supposedly become rich. The product is called \"Cousin Tony's Texas Chili.\""