Still Open All Hours

Having inherited the shop from his uncle, it's business as usual for Granville at Arkwright's corner shop.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 6.5

Season 1 - Still Open All Hours
"Granville is forced into taking extra security precautions for the shop's takings."
"Granville is determined to improve Gastric's image in order to matchmake him with Madge."
"Romance is in the air as Granville continues to woo Mavis, and Leroy arouses jealousy."
"Granville's big ambitions to open his very own coffee shop cause quite a stir."
"Granville has bought a job lot of bargain stock but needs a clever plan to sell it all."
"Granville becomes convinced that the shop is haunted by Arkwright."
Season 2 - Still Open All Hours
"Granville gets more than he bargained for with a cheap Christmas tree. Later, the shopkeeper holds a cozy drinks party where he and Gastric try to get Madge into the festive spirit."
"Granville is having a sale, but only on old stock. Mrs Featherstone takes a fancy to a new resident in the street. Mavis comes up with a plan to invite Granville to her home for coffee."
"Romance is in the air as Granville woos Mavis, Gastric needs help with his love life and Leroy arouses jealousy. Meanwhile, Granville reveals his tip for preserving bacon."
"Granville plans a double date with Madge and Mavis but needs to smarten up Gastric."
"Can Granville ensure that reluctant groom Kevin makes it to the ceremony this time?"
"Granville's scheme to sell salami as an erotically charged new product comes unstuck."
Season 3 - Still Open All Hours
"Granville and Gastric find themselves playing marriage counsellors and Leroy adopts a festive disguise to avoid relationship trouble of a different kind. Meanwhile, Mrs Featherstone struggles to find the Christmas spirit and Kath attempts to bring the street together as one harmonious choir to beat Finkle Street once and for all - but does Granville have a trick up his sleeve to help them out?"
"Granville has bought some cheap devices that promise to jump start people's positive emotions, but will they work? Meanwhile, Mr. Newbold has a serious underwear problem which Mrs Featherstone has taken upon herself to solve with Granville's help, and Leroy's latest girlfriend has made Mrs Hussein jealous and caused a local underworld boss to come looking for him."
"Granville tries to sell some out-of-date mints, with results that get tongues wagging. Meanwhile, Mrs Featherstone is still trying to tempt Granville to become her fourth husband, and Eric, Cyril and Mr Newbold try to prove to their womenfolk that they are men of adventure."
"Granville has some outdated Christmas puddings to sell but needs a clever plan to lure his sceptical customers into buying them. Madge is convinced that her house is haunted and is refusing to sleep in her bedroom, but luckily Granville discovers Gastric has a hidden dark side with spiritual powers that could solve the mystery and impress Madge. Meanwhile, Mrs Hussein takes a shine to Leroy and wants to know what they keep behind the counter for special customers."
"Granville tries to tempt the locals with a big wheel of cheese which seems to be on the turn. Leroy, sick of riding the old shop bike, is desperate for a new van to make his deliveries, so Granville turns to Gastric for help. Meanwhile, Mrs Featherstone continues to strike fear into the heart of Mr Newbold as she suggests a modest advance in their new relationship."
"Granville has bought a job lot of turnips that will need clever selling with the promise of their amazing medicinal qualities. Meanwhile, an attractive young woman is looking for Eric; he says he has no idea who she is, but Kath and the ladies are not so sure. And Mrs Featherstone samples Mr Newbold's homemade wine, which emboldens her intentions on finding a fourth husband even more than usual."
"Arkwright's becomes a delivery point for people's internet shopping. When a large delivery arrives, Granville decides he could use it to help Gastric impress Madge, who has taken to her bed in a foul mood.\n\nMeanwhile, Granville is worried he is not using his shop counter space well enough to advertise, and Eric turns to Leroy for advice after Kath finds evidence of a lady's stocking his pocket."
Season 4 - Still Open All Hours
"Granville must persuade some of his most important customers not to travel over Christmas."
"Granville has a new idea for growing the business - the offer of fitness classes."
"Leroy tries to make the most of having to dress up as a banana for business."
"Gastric gets arty, while Granville tries to shift some 'mystery' tins."
"Granville attempts to stop Madge and Mavis moving away from the area."
"Granville wines and dines Mavis while Eric and Cyril attempt to make their wives jealous."
"Granville is off to the seaside, but can he get Mavis alone for a quiet lunch?"
Season 5 - Still Open All Hours
"Granville tries to sell bargain spectacles that do nothing for his customers' eyesight, while Mr Newbold is inspired to take control of his life by a self-help book and resolves to tell Mrs Featherstone how he really feels about her. Eric tries to persuade Kath to join him on a camping holiday, and Leroy receives a mysterious package"
"Granville meets a man who claims to have been repeatedly abducted by aliens, and tries to persuade him to use his stories to boost sales. Leroy gets involved in a love triangle when Beth turns up for their date with a friend, while a divorcee comes to the shop hoping to find something that will stop her from missing her husband."
"Eric and Cyril try rock climbing, while Granville is selling designer sausages. Leroy longs for a single Beth, but his feet have other ideas."
"Granville raises his advertising standard, but can he keep his hands on it? Leroy still can't find a date for Ruby. Granville pulls out all the stops to sell some oysters."
"Granville has a customer-product matching system, and he is worried Mavis might find a new suitor at a wedding."
"It's a day full of bad surprises for Granville when the till becomes unwell, Leroy buys an ice cream van and the Black Widow finds him overheating in a tight spot."
"At Christmas, Granville must persuade his regulars to buy some mistletoe mince pies. Madge and Mavis discuss whether to invite Gastric for Christmas dinner."
Season 6 - Still Open All Hours
"Granville puts an old mangle to use in more ways than one. Leroy tries to find a date for Ruby, while Eric and Cyril give Mr Newbold tips on how to get closer to Mrs Rossi."
"Granville offers tasty toasties to his customers. Encouraged by Eric and Cyril, Mr Newbold continues his pursuit of Mrs Rossi, and the Black Widow decides it\u2019s time for a makeover."
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