Two Sentence Horror Stories

An anthology series featuring updated tales of horror and haunting for the digital age, inspired by the viral fan fiction of two sentence horror stories.

Director: Vera Miao

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Two Sentence Horror Stories
"A serial killer with an obsession for single moms stalks a young mother who rejected him."
"A low-paid office assistant wakes up naked in her own bed after the office holiday party with no idea how she got there. Who was it and what did he put inside her?"
"The ghost of an abusive husband continues to torment his family even after his death."
"A devoted nanny fights to protect the autistic child in her care during a horrifying home invasion."
"When a rebellious teen is diagnosed with terminal cancer, his family's legacy and wealth ensure him a place in an exclusive, experimental treatment center that has a far more sinister transformation in mind."
"A beauty vlogger records a complex makeup tutorial as the camera catches someone slipping into her room when she's not looking."
"When an elderly Haitian grandma is forced to move in with her estranged son, she begins to suspect something is very wrong with his perfect family."
"A monster adults can't see hunts the vulnerable children of a housing project."
"In the final episode pulling three stories into one: \"Ma\" is a supernatural horror about a young woman's new romance and her Chinese mother and the lengths she will go to keep her \"perfect\" daughter home. \"Guilt Trip\" is a hitchhiker horror tome following a good Samaritan who is forced to rethink her decision on the dark and isolated road with the stranger in her car. \"Singularity\" is a technology, body-horror story centered on a biohacker tapping into more than just the internet."